Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June at the Bluebird Inn

We can not believe how fast the month of June cruised by.  We had an incredible mouth with guests from around the world. We had a young man from Switzerland who had shipped him motorcycle to British Columbia, and was riding it all the way to Honduras.  His mother was a bit concerned about knowing where he was, so he had a GPS implant.This was a very interesting and bight young man. The Bear Lake area held three marathon races in three days.  Each race was sponsored by a different state.  The first was Idaho, followed by Utah, and concluding the weekend of racing was Wyoming.  We had 5 guests who participated in all three marathons.  Four of our guests ran half marathons each of the three days, and we had one guest who actually completed three full marathon races. We also had guests who were celebrating anniversaries and honeymoons.  It was so fun to get to know these guests and to share in their adventures. We are really looking forward to July and celebrating our country on the 4th.  Take a look at our web site and come relax with us.